COLTEMONIKHA, a japanese electronica duo consisting of the renowned music producer Yasutaka Nakata and model/fashion designer/singer Kate Sakai will be releasing a BEST OF album with some new material since their last mini album Coltemonikha 2 released in 2007. Coltemonikha is a clash of Nakata’s music label Contemode and Kate’s fashion line Made in Colkinikha. Their sound is described as technopop with elements of picopop and electro as well as Nakata’s now famous use of voice processing i.e. vocoder.

The release of COLTEMONIKHA BEST planned for 14th December is a CD+DVD treat. Release includes two new tracks.


1. 嘘つきジングルベル 
2. fantastic fantasy
3. そらとぶひかり
4. communication
5. CLM
6. パーティキャロネイド
7. Yum yum yammy
8. アリクイワルツ
9. preparation
10. ドミノ
11. darkness rabbit
12. カニモテルコ
13. SLEEPING girl
14. Scene Killer
16. girly star

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