Sunday Girl – Love U More



Sunday Girl aka Jade Williams has been enjoying an increasing media attention since she started touring with Ellie Goulding as part of Ellie’s Lights Tour. Jade appeared in several magazines, became one of Gucci’s favourites and launched her own collection for Firetrap.

Luckily Sunday Girl doesn’t forget that it’s her musical talent that got her recognised in the first place. She will be releasing her new single Love U More on the 5th of December. Music video for the new single is already out for you to enjoy:



When Sunday Girl emerged like a breath of fresh air with her Four Floors EP it looked like a promising start for a classy, idie-electro-pop artist, however with each new release she seems to be going more and more towards the mainstream sound. Jade looks great as always but the music video for Love U More could be a shampoo commercial. It is a decent radio-friendly pop song and so Jade’s vocals have been plastered with auto-tune. Given the release date, it might do well as a winter single with it’s romantic tone. We just wish it was as good as Four Floors – one of the best electropop releases of 2010:




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