Who is IZA LACH?



Iza Lach is a Polish singer-songwriter. She released her first album Już Czas in 2008. Iza wrote most of her songs for the debut album when she was only 16 yet the record transcends any connotations of teen-pop and places Iza on the shelf together with pop avant garde. Her sound can be described as pop based on the combination of piano and synth with elements of electronica. Slow, atmospheric songs with an air of romance are Iza’s trademark. Her delicate voice leads the melody with an understated elegance throughout her debut album and stands out from the crowd of overproduced popgasm that floods the radio. Iza’s second album, Krzyk, is out today, available internationally on itunes.

Listen to the first single of the new album – Nic Więcej:


Although Iza writes mostly in Polish language, her efforts in English songwriting sound very promising in this club-friendly electropop track Million:


The song Million posted on Iza’s myspace and soundcloud managed to garner attention of local media and critics despite the fact that it had virtually no promotion and hasn’t even been listed as a release yet. Could this be the start of Iza’s international career? We hope so.
Right now Iza will promote her new album Krzyk. Stay tuned for more news on Iza.



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