Secret Codes And Battleships of DARREN HAYES



The long awaited album by one of the most popular male Australian singer-songwriters – Darren Hayes, is all cooked up and ready, waiting for its call. Darren’s 4th album, Secret Codes And Battleships, will be out on the 24th of October in UK and 21st of October for the rest of the world. You can listen to the preview right here:



Secret Codes And Battleships is a collection of essentially-Darren-type of songs such as Black Out the Sun, which echo the sound of his first albums and fresh, breezy electropop inventions like Talk Talk Talk. To bring out what’s the best in Hayes and boost it with contemporary style of pop sounds like a good idea for the comeback album, which could click with the older fans and younger crowd alike.

You might wonder – why is the UK version 3 days late? As Darren’s Facebook Fan Page explains:

I am sorry to let you all know that here have been delays manufacturing the special edition of the album in the UK. The special edition packaging and booklet is so detailed that it is taking some extra time being made, unfortunately this is something beyond our control.

In order to make up for the delay Darren decided to offer a free download of Bloodstained Heart remix. Get the free Bloodstained Heart (DJ Monsieur Adi Remix) (make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook Fan Page). Does this make UK fans happy? ‘Yes, thank you Darren! xoxo’


First single from the album and one of our favourite tracks of past summer – Talk Talk Talk:



We are looking forward to the new album. Stay tuned for more news on Darren.



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