Perfume スパイス + JPN tracklist



Perfume, the Japanese electro-pop unit produced by Nakata Yasutaka is about to release their new album JPN on the 30th of November. Their new single スパイス (SPICE) is out now and it also includes GLITTER, which was recently featured in a TV commercial of a KIRIN beverage.

Check out the music video for スパイス :



スパイス is yet another cutesy saccharine pop with over-processed vocals, the sort that Perfume is known for. Ultra girly voices, interesting progression, catchy hooks and vocal layering seem to be Perfume‘s recipe for success. Although the group occasionally releases tracks that feature hard techno and a more mature, darker feel, it seems that recently the group has been pushed towards a more gentle, mainstream sound. Time will show weather JPN reflects that notion.



Tracklist of JPN

01. The Opening
02. レーザービーム(Album-mix)
03. GLITTER(Album-mix)
04. ナチュラルに恋して
06. 時の針
07. ねぇ
08. 微かなカオリ
09. 575
11. 心のスポーツ
12. Have a Stroll
13. 不自然なガール
14. スパイス


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