a girl out of this world, RAMONA REY


Ramona Rey is Polish alternative music phenomenon, fashion muse and gay rights supporter in Poland. Together with Igor Czerniawski (Tel Arana) they claim to create a new genre of music. Dark synths, expressive half-spoken, half sung vocals and original, out of the ordinary set of lyrics. In their recent album Ramona Rey 3, the singer incorporates her opera voice with electronic textures and sharp electric guitars (see High). Despite the mishmash of elements the music sounds terrific in a club environment. No wonder that Ramona is a regular guest in the popular Glam Club in Warsaw. Ramona recently gained recognition in Russia, which influenced the photo shoot for the album cover. The new album, Ramona Rey 3 is now available on itunes.

Listen to the first single of the album, Wyo-s-t-rz (eng. Sharpen):



The music video, just like Ramona‘s music, has a class of its own. Fantastic game of lights and shadows in a setting à la Blair Witch Project makes this video a fair contender to Polish Yach Film festival in the music video category.



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