Обе Две x Ramona Rey



Ramona Rey, the muse of Polish electronic scene recorded a new single Paczka with a Russian pop-rock alternative band Обе Две. Earlier this year Ramona was invited to visit Russia by Artemy Troitsky, an influential Russian journalist, broadcaster and music critic known for his harsh approach. Her performances in Moscow and Saint Petersburg clubs met with a warm welcome and positive reviews. Ramona stated that her activity in Russia should be read as a sign of Polish-Russian unity in the name of music. She said:

‘I think art can help to overcome any prejudice, distrust or lack of faith in wonderful relationships between people who live on the opposite sides of the border.’ – Ramona Rey


Presenting the new single Paczka – Обе Две feat. Ramona Rey [ramonarey remix] :


Обе Две (Obe Dve) is a charismatic pop-rock formation whose lyrics talk about ‘love and what is missing from people’s lives – remoteness from civilization, freedom and feelings of love’.

Enjoy Милый (cute) by Обе Две :


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One thought on “Обе Две x Ramona Rey

  1. Aidyearts says:

    nice post. Keep going ! I still love Polish, Russian songs ;D

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