Perfume – Spending all my time



Japan’s favourite electopop unit – Perfume is back with a new maxi-single Spending all my time. Since the group recently switched labels to Universal and launched a global website the single seems to be another step towards their international career.

The title track, Spending all my time indeed sounds more westernised than anything Perfume ever released. It’s like a clash between LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem and European synth pop ala Calvin Harris. Luckily the result is more than satisfying and as usual Perfume under the direction of Yasutaka Nakata deliver a very catchy and cutesy, shiny-like-a-candy-in-the-store kind of track. The only drawback would be the english lyrics as the girls repeat only one sentence throughout the whole song “spending all, spending, spending all my time” – that’s a whole lot of time if you ask me. Nonetheless the track has a chance to make SOME impact abroad, but probably not YET in the West i.e. Europe or America. Interestingly, the music video takes a more avant-garde approach, which my friend described as ‘eastern-european, uniform, minimal, reflective, oppressive’ and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Perfume‘s take on an avant-garde music video – Spending all my time:


Point (ポイント), is the second track. This dreamy, 60s inspired ditty is all flowers and harps and could easily be used in some kind of shampoo commercial… Except that it’s not bad at all. If you don’t mind it being more sugary than latte in Starbucks then you might appreciate this sparkly pop-gem.

Yet the real dark horse of this single is Hurly Burly. The third track is more of a usual Perfume affaire dressed in Capsule‘s beats and synths. Very catchy, very dance and well-produced piece of electropop, definitely relevant in the clubbing scene. The beat change in the first chorus might send a chill down your spine. Yasutaka‘s choppy beats and clubby feel should satisfy most fans of electropop genre although the track feels a bit repetitive.

Spending all my time is a very solid single, probably their best release this year and is bound to make a big impact on the music charts in Japan. Spending all my time is out on the 15th of August and will be available internationally via iTunes.


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