2NE1 – I Love You



2NE1 – the South Korean girl group has recently broke new records with their hit single I Love You. The single achieved #1 on all major music sites and rankings as well as took the record for the fastest selling Korean artist (previously held by BIG BANG – Blue). Music video for I Love You reached 1 million views in just 17 hours. 2NE1 are already working on their English album, which is supposed to drop sometime this year. The group has so far became quite popular in countries like Japan, Singapore and Vietnam but also recently started to appear in France. MTV Iggy already realised their potential by awarding 2NE1 with ‘Best New Band’ title in 2011. Perhaps their international success is just around the corner. This year selected HMV stores in the UK opened new K-pop sections where 2NE1‘s records sold out on the very first day. Every now and then 2NE1‘s singles show up on iTunes charts in different countries and I Love You reportedly received some airplay in Sweden despite having no promotion in Europe. Keep your eyes open for 2NE1 as they might just make it big on the western music market once their English album appears, leading the Korean Wave overseas.

I Love You is available internationally on iTunes.

Check out the monster single, possibly the hottest release in Korea this summer:



2 thoughts on “2NE1 – I Love You

  1. Amy Rees says:

    this song is stuck in my head, love it! I hope they include it in the English album

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