Lana Del Rey – Ride + Paradise Edition tracklist



Here it is, official audio to Lana Del Rey‘s new lead single – Ride. What turns out to be a cool downtempo number is what Lana delivers best. In the vein of sentimental Video Games, Ride will prove the right choice for the lead single of Born to Die The Paradise Edition.

Check out the official audio to Lana’s new song Ride:


Along with the cover, Lana also confirmed the eight new tracks to appear on Paradise Edition alongside the original Born to Die tracks. Those are:

1. Ride
2. American
3. Cola
4. Body Electric
5. Blue Velvet
6. Gods and Monsters
7. Yayo
8. Bel Air


Listen to Paradise Edition trailer:


Interestingy, Nirvana‘s cover Heart Shaped Box didn’t make the cut. We think it’s probably thanks to Courtney Love being classy as always. Love tweeted to Lana: “You do know the song is about my Vagina right? ‘Throw down your umbilical noose so i can climb right back,’ umm… On top of which some of the lyrics about my vagina I contributed. So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?”. hmmmmm, THANKS COURTNEY………………..

With or without Heart Shaped Box cover, with eight new tracks Paradise Edition is bound to please your Lana cravings.



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