Introducing – Glen Check



Somewhere under thick plastic layers of fake K-pop idols, make-up and silicone, lays a hidden gem of Korean indie music. Meet Glen Check (June-One Kim and Hyuk-Jun Kang) this indie rock/electro band debuted in 2011 and is right on track to make a splash in the indie sphere, possibly not just in Korea. Their eclectic sound is inspired by the 70s, 80s, European indie dance and African music. In fact if you’d listen to them without knowing who they are you’d probably think it’s some undiscovered Euro indie band that makes teenage hipsters puke rainbows in the cooler clubs of East London. It only leads to a conclusion that Glen Check has the right potential to make an impact abroad where I think their music could gain more exposure. I can almost hear it playing in Topman stores or during a fashion show. In fact they already had a chance to collaborate with Fred Perry Subculture, VIEWZIC and VM Project Media Group to make their first music video to Racket:



Glen Check will be soon releasing a music video off of their new EP Cliché. Until then, check out their fresh sounding debut album Haute Couture featuring French Virgin Party (you know that a track with that name HAS TO be good), Battaille! and Racket. All this and eight other tracks from Haute Couture are available on iTunes.

Happy listening – Battaille! and French Virgin Party :



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