Iza Lach – Good Friday



Treat yourself to a glass of red wine, dim the lights and put some candles on (rose petals are optional) to match the mood of Iza‘s Good Friday, a chilled out foursome of r’n’b flavoured tracks. This is a gift from Iza and it’s completely free for you to download here.


This new EP is an early Christmas gift from Iza and Santa Snoop, who overlooked the production. We shouldn’t complain about something that’s given for free and Good Friday has a few relaxing minutes, lazy beats and the sweet voice but, but… it just feels lacklustre in comparison to her Polish albums or even some gems from soundcloud. The sound throughout is very much generic r’n’b, which just isn’t as unique or full of atmosphere as Iza’s usual drift, in fact at times it’s plain boring. Jingle Bells is probably the best of the bunch with a delicate element of auto-tune. Day After Xmas is an o-k, slow track but it has some jarring issues with English pronunciation. Bottomline – tracks from Good Friday will help you relax after a long day of work but they don’t stand out enough to be remembered. It appears that when producing on her own, Iza is way more creative. Pretty much most of Iza‘s soundcloud sounds superior to Good Friday. Put together Lemon, Heart And Soul, Hear That Sound and Million and you’ve got a better EP that doesn’t need to pretend to be Christmas related and is ten times better than Good Friday. #justsaying


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