Perfume – Mirai no Museum / 未来のミュージアム


perfume mirai no museum 22


Perfume is set to release a new single. Mirai no Museum / 未来のミュージアム will be released on the 27th of February and is written specially for animated movie Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum / 映画ドラえもん のび太のひみつ道具博物館[ミュージアム]. Perfume‘s songs can be roughly divided into two categories: a) cutesy~girly electro pop with glitter icing and a pink bow and b) harder, choppier, less accessible but truly delicious club bangers, which also tend to sound slightly darker. Now, given that this single was written for a children’s movie it is bound to embody the former and it truly does, as the previews already surfaced on the net. Knowing Perfume‘s previous release patterns, cutesy A-sides are often coupled with harder or more ambitious B-sides (FAKE IT, edge, 575) so let’s hope Perfume will once again manage to balance out the niche and the mainstream.





1.未来のミュージアム (Mirai no Museum)
2.だいじょばない (Daijoubanai)
3.未来のミュージアム -Original Instrumental-
4.だいじょばない -Original Instrumental-

1.未来のミュージアム(Mirai no Museum) -Video Clip-


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