Tommy February6 – Be My Valentine ♡




Once upon a time, somewhere in Japan, lived a girl with a split personality and love for 80’s saccharine synth and angsty emo rock. Her innocent, geeky side – Tommy February6 and her evil twin, sexy Tommy Heavenly6 are two alter egos treated as two separate artists, which take turns and release music when the other one is resting, searching for inspiration – genius o_O.

Tommy February6‘s music is synth-heavy, cheesy retropop influenced by the 80’s. What makes her different from the hordes of forcefully cutesy J-pop idols? Tommy has a healthy dose of self-distance and nothing under the name February6 is to be taken completely serious. When she’s not using a candy microphone or singing to a candle, she blows up American cheerleaders in her music video to Everyday at the bus stop. Many of her videos show Tommy‘s guilty pleasures such as love for Pikachu, unhealthy American sweets, Halloween and airplane food (Tommy, we have so much in common!…). To give you an idea, try HOT CHOCOLAT from Tommy‘s last album:



Just in time for her birthday, February6 is set to release a new single BE MY VALENTINE. Apart from the title track, we’ll also get 愛の愛の星, which is a the brilliant green cover. You can sample the single on the official website here.




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