Marina and The Diamonds – E.V.O.L ♡


Marina and the diamonds


Happy Valentines!!! ♡♡

‘A romantic gift from your favourite girlfriend ever, Electra Heart’ is what I find in my inbox today. Best Valentine’s gift ever? Marina decided to present her fans with an anti-Valentines anthem, a free track E.V.O.L. If you aren’t signed up for the E-MAIL MY HEART mailing list (shame on you) you can do so at and check out E.V.O.L below:



You’d think signing up for mailing list is just another way to get flooded by endless advertising but you’ll love Marinas emails, I’d let her spam my mailbox Groupon-style. Channeling her troll-bitch-from-hell a.k.a Electra Heart, she writes brief and witty messages ‘from the bottom of a cold lil heart’. Here are some of my favourite E-MAIL MY HEART quotes just to give you an idea of what you’ve missed out on for the past year or so:


You can stream 6 tracks in full first, in case you are worried I might have gotten 2nd album syndrome and the whole thing will be a pile of bollocks.

I know some people like to collect physical releases so I have made a few available in the online shop.

I have a feeling Mum might have gone and mass-bought them all wholesale for her friends and family, so apologies if there are none left. There could be 3, there could be 90.

I have no idea.

The new video for “How To Be Heartbreaker” is up online now, BELOW!! I hope you think I look like Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

I had (not much) fun filming it… It’s such a drag hanging out with male underwear models 24/7… Everyone just thinks the pop star life is some kind of fun-filled riot??

And remember… all of you on the mailing list.. You are 100% my favourite fans… Even though I don’t know you, I love you all & will cherish you in my heart. Maybe forever.

Love, Marina



3 thoughts on “Marina and The Diamonds – E.V.O.L ♡

  1. liagoesvintage says:

    Haha! Great post!

  2. liagoesvintage says:

    Haha!Great post, Lucas.

  3. Mix+Beat says:

    Love Marina’s email quotes 🙂

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