Florrie – Live a little


florrie live a little


Florrie‘s new single is fast approaching as the music video went live on YouTube yesterday. Live A Little is a Xenomania produced, hook-filled, orchestrated flirt. A new EP is underway for 2013 but you can already preorder Live A Little on iTunes or download it in 192kbps on Florrie’s website. As usual, Florrie slays and delivers top quality pop that really deserves to be played on the radio more than OneErection but whether that will happen or not, fans will surely be pleased with the new material by this talented drummer.

The music video is rather uninspired. Florrie is gorgeous but as we’ve learned on many occasions from indie artists, no budget is not an excuse for being uncreative. It’s not really an issue, the song is decent, girl is pretty but surely it would help to have something better than a couple of shots layered in one scene as a promotional video? Especially with the emphasis on the energetic chorus. I mean, it’s called Live A Little… Nevertheless, Live A Little is a solid pop track and a great, energetic start for Florrie in 2013. Enjoy:



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One thought on “Florrie – Live a little

  1. What a catchy, top quality pop song. Florrie seems a little bit like a UK version of Oh Land! Thanks for sharing – and btw I really like the blog šŸ™‚

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