Perfume「Magic of Love」FULL VERSION + behind the scenes


magic of love


Last night Perfume‘s new single Magic of Love was aired in full version on Perfume Locks radio show. You can sample the full version here. To many Perfume fans this single could be an instant favourite. All the key ingredients are here: contagious chorus, elaborate synth and a healthy dose of ‘cute factor’. The b-side called Handy Man will be featured in the variety show スッキリ!! in the month of May.


The concept of this music video focuses on dance. Apart from their unique sound and image, Perfume is famous for its precisely synchronised, interpretative dance and in Magic of Love, the idea was to challenge those abilities by adding varying levels of difficulty. One shot features the girls dancing the sequence ‘backwards’, another was filmed from twelve different angles, all this in a vivid setting inspired by the 60s patterns. Check out the behind the scenes footage:




1. Magic of Love
2. Handy Man
3. Magic of Love -Original Instrumental-
4. Handy Man -Original Instrumental-


Magic of Love is set for release on the 22nd of May but you can already pre-order the single in a Limited Edition on CD Japan. First Press is still available and includes a bonus poster.

What do you think about Magic of Love? Is it what you expected? Tell us your impressions in the comments below, or join the discussion on twitter with music_shell.


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4 thoughts on “Perfume「Magic of Love」FULL VERSION + behind the scenes

  1. MoL sounds really good!! MV reminds me of One Room Disco

  2. I thought so too. It may be the same director as ORD

  3. The dance looks really cool, and the mv shooting looks awesome!

  4. Sam says:

    I love the dance~

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