OH LAND – Renaissance Girls


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Renaissance Girls is an eloquent new single from Oh Land. Simple, fresh, fun and with a message. Oh Land talked about Renaissance Girls for Noisey:

‘It’s very much an ode to my friends who achieve on so many levels in life and they’re really good at doing everything at once. But also they can never sit down and relax. I can be a little bit like that as well: I beat myself up if I don’t make the perfect broth, and sing a concert in the evening, and go home and walk my dog, and then talk to my friend for two and half hours on Skype. Renaissance man is used for people like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who were super high achievers. I just wanted to make a female version of that.’


What does this single teach us? That a girl can make a decent pop track and a good video, look feminine and attractive WITHOUT busting out her tits, ass and all the slutty excuse of an ‘artistic freedom’.
People argue what Rihanna or Miley Cyrus bring to the table of music prostitution and what message do they send out. Well here’s an alternative to the pop-gutter-radio-vomit. A clever girl-power song. How refreshing? #notwerking


Enjoy! :

I call you honey you can cry on my shoulder
Let it all breath, I got a degree in psychology


Renaissance Girls is a new single from Oh Land‘s latest album Wish Bone, available internationally on iTunes. The album is a decent effort, loaded with breezy, minty fresh electronic pop. Oh Land is one to watch out for!


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