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Let me skip the foreplay and get that lube on to the point:
ARTPOP is a decent effort, if not flawed, and not nearly as brilliant as The Fame, which bred so many number one singles and unforgettable Poker Face, Paparazzi or Bad Romance.

After the underwhelming electro-gothic album Born This Way, ARTPOP is much brighter and spotlight-ready, closer to The Fame, yet unfortunately it doesn’t replicate the same quality. In fact, at times it sounds over-produced, with its chopped up beats, processed vocals, multiple choruses and topped with broadway/glee kind of vocal and this strange, overly serious or dramatic but at the same time alienating tone of voice (see Dope). In the lyrics department Gaga made us get used to her whacky but meaningful text and more or less subtle social commentary, instead this time we have countless sex references and some vacuous statements. Essentially there are a couple of gems and… more fillers.


Here’s ARTPOP in a nutshell:




    Venus – cheesy and…fun! Gaga as goddess-of-love-inspired sex therapist shouting ‘Venus’ in a horny voice (the third time), priceless. Danceable, solid effort.

    G.U.Y – hypnotising chorus that may just drill its way into your head. No more, no less.

    Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly) – catchy pop tune with a R’n’B like feel. It’s a good pop track but you can tell Gaga is playing safe with this one…

    Applause – Sparkling hooks, catchy, great energy – ticks all the boxes. First and best?




    Jewels n’ Drugs – I failed to find any sophisticated vocabulary to describe this song, in other words – it’s shit. I guarantee you’ll hate this pseudo-hip-hop when you hear it, no matter if you’re a die-hard fan or not.

    Everything else is either just O-K or simply forgettable electropopmashedpotatoes…
    Mary Jane Holland is just alright and Aura a.k.a Burqa treats a complex subject matter of women wearing veil but in a rather simplified way.
    Sexxx Dreams is so drowned in electronic SFX that it sounds like a vomiting robot, all this with lyrics about masturbation. Masturbation doesn’t have to be boring… but this song is.
    MANiCURE, another song about sex… Even Gaga sounds bored on the Artpop track. ‘My artpop could mean anything’ – hmm ok. Car insurance leaflet that’s been clogging your post box for a month has more profound meaning than the song Swine. Enjoy this extract:

    ‘I know, I know, I know, I know you want me
    You’re just a pig inside a human body
    Squealer, squealer, squeal out, you’re so disgusting!
    You’re just a pig inside… swine.

    Pretty sad.

    Gypsy is a song that’s everything. It’s a ballad, it’s broadway Edge-of-Glory kinda thing, it’s trying to be catchy, it’s electronic… At the end it throws is some ‘we are all one’ stamp by mentioning a handful of countries, wishing it was Waka Waka.


All in all, ARTPOP is a decent pop album thanks to the better tracks, however those are outnumbered by the boring, soul-less fillers about sex and electro, making it an underwhelming record for the artist like Lady Gaga.
The title ARTPOP promises something grand but ultimately doesn’t live up to its name.
Just like the cover image with Gaga posing awkwardly in a slanted wig has little to do with art, but definitely pop. She got half of the title right! xD…

Verdict = Form over substance.


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2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – ARTPOP / Album Review

  1. daniel says:

    Reblogged this on Daniel In Wonderland and commented:
    HAHAHA! Nice first line. It made me crack up!
    Why didn’t you talk about the others songs? I’d LOVE to read your thoughts about it.

    • Thank you for reblog and comment!

      Your wish is my command, kind visitor ~ I added some lines. Enjoy your stay.
      Honestly – not all songs on the album are even worth mentioning (or listening… ouch). I can’t help but feel disappointed. I could forgive her the less-memorable yet still o-k music but the meaning and poor lyrics are a shame.

      What did you like about the album?

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