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Perfume – DISPLAY (Panasonic CM ver.)




Perfume boys and girls who just can’t wait for the new EP Cling Cling, here’s something for you, a HQ version of DISPLAY:


DISPLAY in HQ sounds mind-blowing, revealing complex, distorted layers of synth and shifting beat. We can’t wait to hear it in full.

Of course, in the community spirit, we want you to support Perfume and by showing you the leak we encourage you to order Cling Cling from either iTunes, CDJapan, Amazon JP or HMV Japan.
If you’re ordering from an overseas country such as the UK, be aware that you might be asked to pay the TAX separately (although Amazon Japan covers the cost in advance).




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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pikapika Fantasian out on 9th of July / works with SOPHIE and Yelle




Kyary is set to release a new, 3rd album, (get ready for this) – Pikapika Fantasian / ピカピカふぁんたじん on 9th of July. Kyary explained that “the album will have a fantasy theme” (no way), hence the title that combines the words fantasy (ふぁんたじー) and jin-suffix (じん), which signifies person.

In May, Dazed & Confused announced that Kyary is working with international artists SOPHIE and Yelle, a french electropop trio. We can’t wait to hear what this collaboration will come up to. Yelle is known for giving us LIFE with their catchy and eclectic pop.

Before that happens, on the 11th of June Kyary will release a single Kira Kira Killer / きらきらキラー, which you can sample below:



Stay tuned for more detailes on Kyary’s new album
Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for the upcoming Kyary giveaway!!! ✖


What do you guys think about the Kyary x Yelle collaboration??



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Perfume – 「Cling Cling」


Perfume Cling Cling


Perfume is gearing up for a release of a new EP. 「Cling Cling」 will be out on the 16th of July and the tracklist includes:

1. Cling Cling
2. Hold Your Hand
4. いじわるなハロー

As usual with Perfume’s singles, instrumentals to each track are included.

We’ve had a chance to listen to Hold Your Hand, which met with some harsh criticism from the hardcore fans, who felt like the song was too similar to the last release, Sweet Refrain. While it is true, the song is pretty similar to Sweet Refrain, I actually enjoy Hold Your Hand more. Sure, it is the standard high blood sugar spike dose of saccharine pop with cutesy vocals and sweet melody but it is catchy and pleasant, something we’ve grown to expect from Perfume alongside harder electro tracks. Speaking of which, I really hope that Cling Cling is a reference to another Perfume track, Clockwork. This fan favourite was Nakata‘s top choice for the LEVEL 3 single but after discussions with the girls, they’ve decided to use 1mm to promote the album instead. Clockwork is a hypnotising track that offers a metaphor of clockwork to describe, well… sex. Rhythmic, clever and haunting. Or perhaps could it be that Cling Cling will be the Spending all my time ver.2 since they share the four track structure and the outfits seem to reference SAMT a little? Stay tuned for more info and follow us on Twitter.


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Britney Spears – Perfume




Britney‘s new song is unlike anything she’s released recently. It’s not about clubbing, sex or glamorous life. For a change it’s a vulnerable ballad telling a story of a woman afraid that her partner is cheating. Feeling helpless, instead of confronting the problem, she puts on perfume to leave a mark on her lover. Written by Britney and Sia Furler this track will be the second single from the upcoming album Britney Jean due for release on the 29th of November.

The sound of Perfume is refreshing too. Britney‘s strong vocals are paired with soft piano and synth. Catchy, if not a little cloying. After milking the tired EDM + dubstep formula this song is exactly what Britney needed to keep the fans interested. Still, the best thing about Perfume is the subtlety of dealing with the subject of inevitable break up, with the cloud of fragrance as a fragile defence. Catchy, romantic, relatable.


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Shiina Ringo – J’ai trouvé l’amour / 熱愛発覚中


shiina ringo


Shiina Ringo (椎名 裕美子) is a hugely respected singer-songwriter in Japan and a leader of a rock band Tokyo Jihen. Her music is an eclectic mix, full of effortless flair and lyrical insight. She dabbled in anything from punk rock, alternative to hip hop, jazz and Japanese enka, all to a great critical acclaim. She is one of the most successful and respected Japanese female artists up to date.




For her best-of-collaboration album Ukina / 浮き名 (release – November 13), Shiina paired up with the most influential Japanese producer of electronic music – Yasutaka Nakata, known from the music of Capsule, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or MEG. The child of their work is J’ai trouvé l’amour (lit. I found love) / 熱愛発覚中 (romanized ‘Netsuai Hakkakuchu’). It’s a demure and hypnotising piece of electropop. Mysterious, ominous verse and a sweet but mature chorus are intercepted by Nakata‘s distorted synths. The chemistry of Nakata‘s instrumental and Shiina‘s style and vocals is like apple and cinnamon – absolutely spot on. The effect is of avant-garde quality. Check it out below:



The video is up to par with the music. Elegant and stylish Shiina kicks ass, literally. In a Kill Bill kind of way. This video should be a lesson to many Western female singers on ‘How to be sexy without showing too much / looking like a whore’. In fact, it’s so well directed that I wish it was an actual movie. This, gentlemen, is how you make a music video.

What’s left is to hope that such synergetic collaboration between Shiina and Nakata will spark even more future works together. Stay tuned and if enjoy the works of Shiina, be sure to check out the new album Ukina.


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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP / Album Review




Let me skip the foreplay and get that lube on to the point:
ARTPOP is a decent effort, if not flawed, and not nearly as brilliant as The Fame, which bred so many number one singles and unforgettable Poker Face, Paparazzi or Bad Romance.

After the underwhelming electro-gothic album Born This Way, ARTPOP is much brighter and spotlight-ready, closer to The Fame, yet unfortunately it doesn’t replicate the same quality. In fact, at times it sounds over-produced, with its chopped up beats, processed vocals, multiple choruses and topped with broadway/glee kind of vocal and this strange, overly serious or dramatic but at the same time alienating tone of voice (see Dope). In the lyrics department Gaga made us get used to her whacky but meaningful text and more or less subtle social commentary, instead this time we have countless sex references and some vacuous statements. Essentially there are a couple of gems and… more fillers.


Here’s ARTPOP in a nutshell:




    Venus – cheesy and…fun! Gaga as goddess-of-love-inspired sex therapist shouting ‘Venus’ in a horny voice (the third time), priceless. Danceable, solid effort.

    G.U.Y – hypnotising chorus that may just drill its way into your head. No more, no less.

    Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly) – catchy pop tune with a R’n’B like feel. It’s a good pop track but you can tell Gaga is playing safe with this one…

    Applause – Sparkling hooks, catchy, great energy – ticks all the boxes. First and best?




    Jewels n’ Drugs – I failed to find any sophisticated vocabulary to describe this song, in other words – it’s shit. I guarantee you’ll hate this pseudo-hip-hop when you hear it, no matter if you’re a die-hard fan or not.

    Everything else is either just O-K or simply forgettable electropopmashedpotatoes…
    Mary Jane Holland is just alright and Aura a.k.a Burqa treats a complex subject matter of women wearing veil but in a rather simplified way.
    Sexxx Dreams is so drowned in electronic SFX that it sounds like a vomiting robot, all this with lyrics about masturbation. Masturbation doesn’t have to be boring… but this song is.
    MANiCURE, another song about sex… Even Gaga sounds bored on the Artpop track. ‘My artpop could mean anything’ – hmm ok. Car insurance leaflet that’s been clogging your post box for a month has more profound meaning than the song Swine. Enjoy this extract:

    ‘I know, I know, I know, I know you want me
    You’re just a pig inside a human body
    Squealer, squealer, squeal out, you’re so disgusting!
    You’re just a pig inside… swine.

    Pretty sad.

    Gypsy is a song that’s everything. It’s a ballad, it’s broadway Edge-of-Glory kinda thing, it’s trying to be catchy, it’s electronic… At the end it throws is some ‘we are all one’ stamp by mentioning a handful of countries, wishing it was Waka Waka.


All in all, ARTPOP is a decent pop album thanks to the better tracks, however those are outnumbered by the boring, soul-less fillers about sex and electro, making it an underwhelming record for the artist like Lady Gaga.
The title ARTPOP promises something grand but ultimately doesn’t live up to its name.
Just like the cover image with Gaga posing awkwardly in a slanted wig has little to do with art, but definitely pop. She got half of the title right! xD…

Verdict = Form over substance.


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Pet Shop Boys – Electric / album review




So I was waiting for the train in London Underground and I noticed the poster for Pet Shop Boys Electric. I made a mental note to check it out when I get home and… thank god for that poster! Electric is a great album. In fact it’s everything I hoped the new Capsule album to be.

Electric brings me back to the times of Love etc. except it’s a bit more melancholic in some places yet fresh and deliciously charged with energy.

Axis sets the mood right and… it sounds like it should be a Capsule track! Except better… Take that, CAPS LOCK. Perfect for a club environment. The boys are back. Sample below:



Fluorescent is a dense, synthesised club banger. The kind of song you’ll see London twinks making out to in the corners of a club.

Thursday is the new Friday. Literally. Featuring Example, it’s a very mainstream friendly, 80s flavoured pop track.

Between the dance floor electro and pop accents there are tracks filled with dreamy, trance-like atmosphere, but the sound remains consistent and altogether polished.

The Last to Die reminds me of Capsule once again with it’s distorted synth and guitar albeit obviously much more vocal-focused.

Love is a Bourgeois Construct is a classic Pet Shop Boys treatment. Flamboyant, bright… laser bright. Imagine lasers in Palace of Versailles! Yep.

Electric is both dance-y and reflective and that on its own is an achievement that many electro artists only wish they could grasp. The album is brief, coherent and doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s really amazing that after over 30 years, Pet Shop Boys remain so current and contemporary. If you like ‘proper’, full bodied electro, chances are this album will be an aural feast for you, if not, at least a pleasant ride. English synth pride!

PS. If you were disappointed by either new Daft Punk or new Capsule, Electric might just be the album for you.


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