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Britney Spears – Perfume




Britney‘s new song is unlike anything she’s released recently. It’s not about clubbing, sex or glamorous life. For a change it’s a vulnerable ballad telling a story of a woman afraid that her partner is cheating. Feeling helpless, instead of confronting the problem, she puts on perfume to leave a mark on her lover. Written by Britney and Sia Furler this track will be the second single from the upcoming album Britney Jean due for release on the 29th of November.

The sound of Perfume is refreshing too. Britney‘s strong vocals are paired with soft piano and synth. Catchy, if not a little cloying. After milking the tired EDM + dubstep formula this song is exactly what Britney needed to keep the fans interested. Still, the best thing about Perfume is the subtlety of dealing with the subject of inevitable break up, with the cloud of fragrance as a fragile defence. Catchy, romantic, relatable.


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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP / Album Review




Let me skip the foreplay and get that lube on to the point:
ARTPOP is a decent effort, if not flawed, and not nearly as brilliant as The Fame, which bred so many number one singles and unforgettable Poker Face, Paparazzi or Bad Romance.

After the underwhelming electro-gothic album Born This Way, ARTPOP is much brighter and spotlight-ready, closer to The Fame, yet unfortunately it doesn’t replicate the same quality. In fact, at times it sounds over-produced, with its chopped up beats, processed vocals, multiple choruses and topped with broadway/glee kind of vocal and this strange, overly serious or dramatic but at the same time alienating tone of voice (see Dope). In the lyrics department Gaga made us get used to her whacky but meaningful text and more or less subtle social commentary, instead this time we have countless sex references and some vacuous statements. Essentially there are a couple of gems and… more fillers.


Here’s ARTPOP in a nutshell:




    Venus – cheesy and…fun! Gaga as goddess-of-love-inspired sex therapist shouting ‘Venus’ in a horny voice (the third time), priceless. Danceable, solid effort.

    G.U.Y – hypnotising chorus that may just drill its way into your head. No more, no less.

    Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly) – catchy pop tune with a R’n’B like feel. It’s a good pop track but you can tell Gaga is playing safe with this one…

    Applause – Sparkling hooks, catchy, great energy – ticks all the boxes. First and best?




    Jewels n’ Drugs – I failed to find any sophisticated vocabulary to describe this song, in other words – it’s shit. I guarantee you’ll hate this pseudo-hip-hop when you hear it, no matter if you’re a die-hard fan or not.

    Everything else is either just O-K or simply forgettable electropopmashedpotatoes…
    Mary Jane Holland is just alright and Aura a.k.a Burqa treats a complex subject matter of women wearing veil but in a rather simplified way.
    Sexxx Dreams is so drowned in electronic SFX that it sounds like a vomiting robot, all this with lyrics about masturbation. Masturbation doesn’t have to be boring… but this song is.
    MANiCURE, another song about sex… Even Gaga sounds bored on the Artpop track. ‘My artpop could mean anything’ – hmm ok. Car insurance leaflet that’s been clogging your post box for a month has more profound meaning than the song Swine. Enjoy this extract:

    ‘I know, I know, I know, I know you want me
    You’re just a pig inside a human body
    Squealer, squealer, squeal out, you’re so disgusting!
    You’re just a pig inside… swine.

    Pretty sad.

    Gypsy is a song that’s everything. It’s a ballad, it’s broadway Edge-of-Glory kinda thing, it’s trying to be catchy, it’s electronic… At the end it throws is some ‘we are all one’ stamp by mentioning a handful of countries, wishing it was Waka Waka.


All in all, ARTPOP is a decent pop album thanks to the better tracks, however those are outnumbered by the boring, soul-less fillers about sex and electro, making it an underwhelming record for the artist like Lady Gaga.
The title ARTPOP promises something grand but ultimately doesn’t live up to its name.
Just like the cover image with Gaga posing awkwardly in a slanted wig has little to do with art, but definitely pop. She got half of the title right! xD…

Verdict = Form over substance.


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OH LAND – Renaissance Girls


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 15.04.29


Renaissance Girls is an eloquent new single from Oh Land. Simple, fresh, fun and with a message. Oh Land talked about Renaissance Girls for Noisey:

‘It’s very much an ode to my friends who achieve on so many levels in life and they’re really good at doing everything at once. But also they can never sit down and relax. I can be a little bit like that as well: I beat myself up if I don’t make the perfect broth, and sing a concert in the evening, and go home and walk my dog, and then talk to my friend for two and half hours on Skype. Renaissance man is used for people like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who were super high achievers. I just wanted to make a female version of that.’


What does this single teach us? That a girl can make a decent pop track and a good video, look feminine and attractive WITHOUT busting out her tits, ass and all the slutty excuse of an ‘artistic freedom’.
People argue what Rihanna or Miley Cyrus bring to the table of music prostitution and what message do they send out. Well here’s an alternative to the pop-gutter-radio-vomit. A clever girl-power song. How refreshing? #notwerking


Enjoy! :

I call you honey you can cry on my shoulder
Let it all breath, I got a degree in psychology


Renaissance Girls is a new single from Oh Land‘s latest album Wish Bone, available internationally on iTunes. The album is a decent effort, loaded with breezy, minty fresh electronic pop. Oh Land is one to watch out for!


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Alizée 5 – Album Review


alizee 5 album


Alizée is a rather capricious and fascinating artist. Starting off as a protégée of Mylene Farmer she quickly became nation’s sweetheart, playing the role of lolita-turned-popstar. The first two albums were very successful and gave Alizée a status of international popstar, however, following a split between the singer and Mylene Farmer, Alizée’s career faced complications due to legal issues concerned with parting. Her first album without Farmer, Psychédélices, received moderate success but was nowhere near as popular as the first two records. At this point Alizée became more of a niche artist and so in 2010 her album Une enfant du siècle, although praised by critics as ‘excellent, deep and risky’, essentially proved to be too alternative for the mainstream audience and was a commercial failure. Now Alizée returns with her fifth album titled 5 and yet another change of style.

Une enfant was an ambitious, 80s electro experiment and although not so mainstream, after a few listens it opens up like a treasure box. The fans learned to appreciate the synth blended in smoothly with Alizée’s soft, layered vocals, which gave it a mysterious atmosphere. 5, on the other hand, feels more approachable and natural, with its ‘back to basics’ approach and acoustic instruments it’s completely different to her last album. It opens with the lead single À cause de l’automne – a romantic retro-like track that sounds as if it was taken straight from an old French movie.
Check out the stylish music video, inspired by the classic Bond films :



If I were to describe 5 in only five words, I would use: mature, relaxed, classy, cinematic and organic. For those reasons fans and critics alike will find it worthwhile although 5 is not aiming to win the crowds. It’s quite an intimate record, perfect to play softly in the background as you unwind after a long days work. The album is made up of 11 tracks, which stick to the concept of modern-day-vintage sound and show the maturing of ‘Lolita’ who we’ve learned to adore. 10 Ans is a nostalgic journey to the past with a rockabilly sound whereas Boxing club shows a radio-friendly potential with its warm-sounding keys and fuzzy, vintage guitar. The album ends with Dans mon sac, a song so beautifully raw and honest; it proves that a delicate voice, an acoustic guitar and simple melody is enough to make an impact. The fact that Alizée, an artist coming from a very successful mainstream background, was able to restrain from using any modern pop-gimmicks and still manage to create a great pop album is a statement on its own. If you enjoy quality pop with retro feel, you will definitely find something for yourself in 5.


5 was released on the 25th of March and is available for download on iTunes. The next single from the album is Je veux bien, released on the 22nd of April. Music video for the single will be shot in early May.


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Florrie – Live a little


florrie live a little


Florrie‘s new single is fast approaching as the music video went live on YouTube yesterday. Live A Little is a Xenomania produced, hook-filled, orchestrated flirt. A new EP is underway for 2013 but you can already preorder Live A Little on iTunes or download it in 192kbps on Florrie’s website. As usual, Florrie slays and delivers top quality pop that really deserves to be played on the radio more than OneErection but whether that will happen or not, fans will surely be pleased with the new material by this talented drummer.

The music video is rather uninspired. Florrie is gorgeous but as we’ve learned on many occasions from indie artists, no budget is not an excuse for being uncreative. It’s not really an issue, the song is decent, girl is pretty but surely it would help to have something better than a couple of shots layered in one scene as a promotional video? Especially with the emphasis on the energetic chorus. I mean, it’s called Live A Little… Nevertheless, Live A Little is a solid pop track and a great, energetic start for Florrie in 2013. Enjoy:



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Musicshell interviews Maria Maracine


Maria Maracine 


Musicshell interviews the up and coming singer-songwriter, Maria Maracine. This young talented Londoner with Romanian background is making her way towards the dream career but already has an impressive portfolio, her first single – Play it Wrong. This classy pop song was released independently and is available on iTunes as well as all major online music stores. Check out our interview with Maria to find out more about her inspirations and why shower is the best place to write songs:



Maria was approached to submit the song for the Eurovision Song Contest – Malmö 2013 but the rules don’t allow any entries, which were previously published and since Play it Wrong was on iTunes since June, Maria couldn’t participate this year. It’s a shame because Play it Wrong is a terrific pop song that ticks all the boxes and would definitely make an impact on Eurovision, a contest which used to be known for its quality but is now known for its kitschy gimmicks, wind machines, costume changes and all that circus, although it still is a great opportunity for young artists. Nonetheless, Maria is set to try her luck in Eurovision 2014 as she’s determined to write an even better song. We wish Maria all the luck and in the mean time, check out her hot single Play it Wrong, available on iTunes.


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