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Florrie – SIRENS




Florrie a.k.a Florence Arnold is an English singer-songwriter who is bringing us some classy, avant-pop to the messy table of current popular music. The new EP Sirens is a short and sweet ride with three songs and two remixes. I love this concise format. Who needs a long ass album filled with spam-filler songs? *coughLadyGagacough* Siren opens with bhangra inspired Seashells. This track demands mojito, sunshine and a dancefloor. Command.



Next we’re on to Free Falling. Hypnotising hook, unusual structure and Florrie‘s effortless vocals are thread with organic synth. There’s still a subtle middle eastern vibe and the whole track is a little more demanding than your average pop ditty, which is exactly what makes it so special. The EP was produced by the influential British team Xenomania, while it preserves the original drum-driven Florrie sound present on her previous releases.



Wanna Control Myself is a basey trip in a cadillac. Smooth sound of Xenomania is particularly present on this track, and once again steers from the mainstream with an enticing lullaby-like middle eight and strings. Music videos by Jack Bowden and Ferry Gouw reflect the cool, understated atmosphere of the sound and are simply great to look at.

Sirens is a solid gem of a EP. There’s a bright dance-inducing summer anthem as well as ambitious, avant-garde pop.
Get it on iTunes here. Best £1.99 I’ve spent since that pint in a student bar. x


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Florrie – Live a little


florrie live a little


Florrie‘s new single is fast approaching as the music video went live on YouTube yesterday. Live A Little is a Xenomania produced, hook-filled, orchestrated flirt. A new EP is underway for 2013 but you can already preorder Live A Little on iTunes or download it in 192kbps on Florrie’s website. As usual, Florrie slays and delivers top quality pop that really deserves to be played on the radio more than OneErection but whether that will happen or not, fans will surely be pleased with the new material by this talented drummer.

The music video is rather uninspired. Florrie is gorgeous but as we’ve learned on many occasions from indie artists, no budget is not an excuse for being uncreative. It’s not really an issue, the song is decent, girl is pretty but surely it would help to have something better than a couple of shots layered in one scene as a promotional video? Especially with the emphasis on the energetic chorus. I mean, it’s called Live A Little… Nevertheless, Live A Little is a solid pop track and a great, energetic start for Florrie in 2013. Enjoy:



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