Perfume – DISPLAY


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Short music video of Perfume‘s new song DISPLAY has been leaked by a fan. The video is a commercial tie-in with Panasonic and features elaborate film editing and cinematography.



Perfume mentioned on their own radio show that DISPLAY is “the definition of Perfume”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This short, low quality sample is enough to tell that producer Yasutaka Nakata still has got the secret formula. Airy vocals, distorted synth and addictive melody never sounded so well together. The new EP Cling Cling is out on 16th of July.


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Perfume – 1mm / LEVEL 3 teaser


Here’s a teaser for Perfume‘s LEVEL 3 and a snippet from 1mm music video making of:



Hear full radio preview of 1mm.

LEVEL 3 is out on 2nd of October 2013.


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Musicshell interviews Maria Maracine


Maria Maracine 


Musicshell interviews the up and coming singer-songwriter, Maria Maracine. This young talented Londoner with Romanian background is making her way towards the dream career but already has an impressive portfolio, her first single – Play it Wrong. This classy pop song was released independently and is available on iTunes as well as all major online music stores. Check out our interview with Maria to find out more about her inspirations and why shower is the best place to write songs:



Maria was approached to submit the song for the Eurovision Song Contest – Malmö 2013 but the rules don’t allow any entries, which were previously published and since Play it Wrong was on iTunes since June, Maria couldn’t participate this year. It’s a shame because Play it Wrong is a terrific pop song that ticks all the boxes and would definitely make an impact on Eurovision, a contest which used to be known for its quality but is now known for its kitschy gimmicks, wind machines, costume changes and all that circus, although it still is a great opportunity for young artists. Nonetheless, Maria is set to try her luck in Eurovision 2014 as she’s determined to write an even better song. We wish Maria all the luck and in the mean time, check out her hot single Play it Wrong, available on iTunes.


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